as if this would be that easy
The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.

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'nagyon súlyós..?' kérdezte tágra nyílt szemekkel. Lassan megráztam a fejem és patetikus suttogással rápillantottam 'Papa, sok vért veszítettél de ne aggódj, visszaszerezzük..'

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  • <b> daughter (sitting on the extremely confortable couch):</b> hey, bro, please bring me the ipad from inside the room, pleaseee<p><b>brother (coming out of the room) :</b> bo, i've just put it on charge!<p><b>daughter (angrily, shouting):</b> well, thank you, you're extremely nice !!<p><b>dad (out of conversation):</b> why can't you just go inside and use it while it's charging, sweetheart..?<p>
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Heute ist klar ALLES MÜLLER, keine ‘oder was’ :D

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Bayern Munich line up today
Happy Birthday, Thomas Müller ^^
Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, Thomas Müller ^^